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Cocktail Manicure

Hello beauties,China Glaze announced this week a giveaway of their New Summer Neon Collection. Originally, the giveaway was oriented only to people that live in New York; however, due all the comments and suggestions (including me on twitter and their facebook … Continue reading

Manicure Time! Ombre Gradient Nails

Hello everyone! I am a huge fan of nail polishes and wanted to try for first time the popular “Ombre Gradient” trend that I have seen everybody talking about lately… I usually change my nail color once or twice a … Continue reading

Set Ready Go!

I still can not believe that is live and running.   The official launch was on February 10, 2012, date that I will never forget because this is a personal project that I have dedicated a whole year of preparation and sleepless nights. I must admit that it has not been easy, I’ve been through a lot … Continue reading

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